Custom Classes

Group Classes

How about bonding on food for special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Girls hangout, Surprise treat for mum or dad or to impress the hubbies or wives …we make sure your special occasion is memorable with cooking, cultural glimpses, and full of surprises!

Ideal for any special occasion of your life, we cater to large groups as well. If you have a special date in mind feel free to discuss!

Custom-Made Classes

These classes are one of our most popular ones. We customize Vegetarian, Vegan and Allergy friendly classes to suit your taste buds. You create your own menu and we will make sure you learn it really well. If you have favorite Indian dishes in mind, that you have been wanting to learn for ages, you are at the right place. Interested?

Private Classes

For an exclusive one on one and completely hands on experience for individuals or couples, we offer private lessons in a fun and relaxed ambience to suit your taste and preferences.

You can either choose from classes on our website, else request for a exclusive list of interesting classes.

Our Private and Custom-made classes are comprehensive in nature and will teach you exactly how and when to use the right spices, condiments and grains for healthy, aromatic and delicious Indian Cooking. The classes primarily focus on understanding the nuances of Indian cooking using traditional and modern techniques.

Couples Class

Cooking with your partner is relaxing and fun and can be perfect gateway to a cooking class where you learn to cook delicious dishes and enjoy a hearty meal together.

Family Class

Do you love to cook as a family? Then join us in a half-day long cooking class where the whole family can get into a cooking and relaxing mode. Kids above 10 years are welcome to attend with adult family members.

Mastering Indian Cooking

For an exclusive one on one and completely hands on experience for individuals or couples, we offer private lessons in a fun and relaxed ambience to suit your taste and preferences.

If you are an avid learner who wants to dig into intricacies of Indian cooking, then you must attend multiple classes. Book three or more classes of your choice and learn the range of dishes and at the end of classes, you will be rolling out dishes like an expert! To book multiple classes and access special prices, please

Spice Tour

Join us for a half-day long Indian Spice Tour and we will visit a local Indian store in Seabrook. We will provide you detailed information to buy spices, condiments, and grains. After shopping for ingredients, we will return to our kitchen and prepare a delicious meal (using the ingredients purchased) for us to enjoy as we relax and talk about our spicy trip.

In the kitchen, we will also use raw ingredients to prepare some of the spices by grinding the ingredients or roasting them for aromatic flavours. You will be amazed to sense the difference between freshly ground homemade and store-bought spices.

Walking down a shop’s aisle can be a challenging task, but after the ‘Spice Tour’, I can guarantee you will be well versed in the history of spices, their benefits, and their uses in your style of cooking. Spices hold an important place in the history of Indian cuisine. Without spices, Indian food is incomplete! It’s easy to cook with spices but not everyone knows how much to use, when to use and for which food. The ‘Spice Tour’ will teach you how to maximise the flavours in your dishes.
At the end of the class, you will enjoy a hearty Indian feast!

Note: SPICE TOUR AND HANDS ON COOKING (Vegetarian, Vegan & Allergy friendly tours run separately)

Corporate Cooking Classes

Our corporate classes focus on team building through cooking healthy vegetarian, vegan, and allergy friendly dishes. We recognise the fact that sometimes it is great to take your team out of the office and get them to meet and mingle (storm, norm, form and perform) over food. However, isn’t it much better to take them on a cooking excursion where they learn some hands-on skills and gel together in a non-office environment while learning the best management practices? Research studies show that only teams, which are “formed” well, can concentrate on “high performance”.
For your next team building session, please