Mix an ex-Public relations professional, ex-TAFE teacher, loving mum of two daughters and a doting wife and you will get your not so usual home cook.

Good food gives everybody happiness and to cook and share it with loved ones is an ultimate joy for Seema. Being a mum and fresh food fanatic, Seema has always wanted to bring a Culture of Fresh and Healthy Eating to her kitchen table through preparing fresh meals every day!

Seema firmly believes that you are what you eat and your own cooking with love using fresh ingredients and traditional methods can beat any Indian eatery!

Being a home cook for 15 years and armed with a passion to cook and share fresh home-grown Indian recipes with everyone led to the founding of Divine Indian Cooking Classes in 2015.

Seema strongly believes in the old Indian adage of Athiti Devo Bhav (Guest is equivalent to God). She shares with the guests not only cooking but stories, culture, and lots more across the table. The real reward comes from watching the guests being creative in the kitchen.

Being an achiever, Seema strives to develop new recipes and menus for her guests to expand and enhance their culinary skills to the highest level. She feels blessed to have met wonderful young women, young couples, mums, dads, and families in her classes where she is able to empower them (especially the ones with severe allergies) with healthy home cooked Indian recipes.

Seema wishes to thank everyone who has until now been a part of this wonderful culinary journey with her. In addition, she accords a warm welcome to those who look to share her passion for Indian food.